You live the good life and get REWARDED.  We make it EASY and keep you INSPIRED!  


SO what is the good life? Being MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY FIT to be on your A-game. We understand that is not an easy task and requires daily inspiration.  SO instead of beating you up, we give you cred for all the things you are crushing -- moving, hydrating, fueling and restoring...  


and we also provide that daily inspiration by rewarding you with high-quality and guilt-free wellness experiences, so you can indulge in the good life!



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We partner with your EMPLOYER to serve as a tool to support employees, like you, to live your best, healthy, and productive self both on and off the clock.  You live your life, and your employer funds your wellness bank.  How awesome is that?!





Employees easily log their well-being data or they can automatically sync their activity with their fitbit device. 

We reward the positive choices employees make in their lives - moving, hydrating, fueling and restoring -- and turn that hard earned effort into currency (a.k.a. credits).

Employees shop in our rewards marketplace by redeeming their credits for high-quality and guilt-free wellness experiences. As a perk, the employer funds the wellness bank.