We know this is not your parents' generation.  Does your company have the right incentives to thrive and be on its A-game?




In today's world, attracting & retaining customers and talent is difficult due to the the modern consumers' needs and desires becoming increasingly more sophisticated


66% of employees are not engaged and motivated while at work and 97% of adult americans do not prescribe to a healthy lifestyle.  As a result, American employers are spending $450B ANNUALLY on non-engaged, unproductive, and unhealthy employees.


Don't worry, at SOHOOKD we will provide you with the tools to support your company in its quest to be Amazingly fit.  How awesome is that?!




Your employees crave WORK-LIFE integration. We make it easy, fun and inspiring to integrate wellness into your employees' lives.



You crave more time.  You value your people, but you just don't have the bandwidth to keep them fit.  We find you that 25th Hour in the day, by taking care of everything.  



You want the best team.  We create an awesome culture that allows you to attract, engage and retain top talent by keeping them inspired, healthy, and productive.   







You sign up with us and we take care of you.

We do everything and you do not have to lift a finger.

We provide impact driven data so you're in control.