How do I sign-up and create a profile?

After downloading and opening the app, at the home screen you have the option to connect via Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn or register as a new sign up. If you’re not connecting via a social login you can click on New? Sign up and you’ll be asked to provide an email and password to begin the process. Please note that you must use the email that was provided to SoHookd by the sponsoring company otherwise you won’t be able to continue the registration process. Once you’ve completed this initial step you’ll be asked to fill in details such as your first and last name, home address, delivery address (if different) and other relevant information. You’ll also be asked to note your moving, hydration and fueling practices so that the marketplace can better customize the reward experience.. Once you’ve completed the step-by-step sign-up process, you’re ready to get SoHookd!


How do I connect third-party apps to my account?

To connect to a third-party app such as FitBit or Google Fit, click on Account on the far right of the bottom menu bar at the bottom of your screen and then click on Modify/Add Connected Apps & Devices. Here you can select from Apple Health, FitBit, Google Fit, Jawbone, Misfit and Moves. Follow the prompts for any of the apps to connect them to your SoHookd account.


How do I connect non-supported fitness trackers or wearables to the SoHookd app?

Sync your fitness tracker or wearable device with either Apple Health or Google Fit so that your data will automatically be captured by the SoHookd app.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.44.34 PM.png


How do I add an activity if I don’t own a wearable?

Easy. You can quickly add an activity by clicking on the Dashboard icon at the bottom of your screen. By clicking on the + sign in the upper right corner you can add any moving, hydrating or restorative activity.


How does my effort pay off?

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.27.00 PM.png

How many steps are counted per minute?

115 steps are counted per minute. However, if you’re syncing directly through Apple Health or Google Fit your steps won’t be counted unless you’re completing at least 5 minutes of an activity at a time.


What happens when I reach my tracking limit?

You will receive a notification on the SoHookd app. The Dashboard will list the activity but the credit value will be zero.


How can I identify which reward brand I am redeeming credits for?

If you’d like to identify/confirm the reward brand, go to Shop on the bottom menu bar and click on any reward. In the upper left corner of the reward photo is a location pin. Clicking on a location pin lists the locations where the reward is available. When you choose a location, Maps opens and you can confirm the brand and exact location of your reward.


How do I favorite a reward?

To add your favorite rewards to the Favorites page you can click the heart icon in the upper right corner of any reward photo located on the Shop page. Presto! The reward immediately appears in your Favorites.


How do I know if I have enough credits to redeem a reward?

Your credit balance is located in the upper right corner of the app and each reward has a credit value which is located on the Shop page as well as each individual reward when clicked. If you don’t have enough credits to redeem a reward the app will display the reward credits value and SoHookd logo in gray in the product page.  If you do have enough credits the SoHookd logo and reward value is displayed in red.  Also, the app will notify you when you attempt to redeem.


How does the SoHookd app know which rewards are located near me?

The SoHookd apps have a geolocation feature which enables it to show which rewards are located near you when you’re browsing the Shop page.


How can I share my reward on social media?

By clicking on Account you can add your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google accounts. Each time you redeem a reward you’ll be asked if you’d like to share on social media. Go ahead… share with your friends and make them jealous!


How can I tailor my ‘Shop’ page if I’m looking for particular rewards?

In the Shop page you’ll find Filter & Sort in the upper right corner. Here you can filter the rewards according to your preferences:

-    type of vendors

-    categories (fitness, apparel, restore & food)

-    preferred credit range

-    rewards that are redeemable based on your credit balance

-    rewards located near you

-    you can also sort alphabetically or by price (i.e. low – high or high – low).


What happens when I redeem a reward?

When you redeem a reward you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all the relevant details from SoHookd. Your reward will be processed and sent to you within 7 business days.  You can also view redeemed rewards from your Dashboard by clicking on the Redeemed. The Dashboard will display the date the reward was redeemed, name of reward, value of reward, vendor name,  and redemption status.


How can I track my activities and rewards redeemed?

The Dashboard page has two tabs – History & Redeemed. The History tab tracks all of the activities you’ve earned credit for and allows you to sort via date, activity, sponsoring company and credit value. The pie chart is a quick reference to check how your activities are distributed among the move, restore, hydrate and other categories.

The Redeemed tab tracks rewards redeemed and allows you to sort via date, type of product, credits spent, sponsoring company and status. The pie chart is a quick reference to check how your rewards are distributed among the fitness, apparel, restore and food categories.


Can I redeem more expensive rewards by supplementing the difference?

Yes! Go to your Account. Under Payments securely add a personal credit card. Shop and redeem rewards at anytime. You’ll be able to confirm your purchase before your credit card is charged. Watch this VIDEO to learn more.


How can I manage my notification settings?

From the Account page you can manage your notifications, e-mail and newsletter settings.


How do I reach out for tech support?

We encourage you to reach out if there is a tech issue you need help solving! Click on Account and then Contact Support. Note your technical issue in the e-mail window and we’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours!


How do I reach out for customer support?

Please reach out if you have any issues by sending an e-mail


How can I submit a testimonial?

Feel free to share your experience with SoHookd and the rest of the world by writing to us at