Signing Up for the SoHookd Marketplace 

Can I sign up for the SoHookd Marketplace?

Yes - anyone can sign up for the SoHookd Marketplace! Whether you are an individual and want to treat yourself or send gift cards to others or you are sending gift cards on behalf of an enterprise, you can sign up for the SoHookd Marketplace.

I want to gift on behalf of my company. How do I do so?

Go to and sign up for an enterprise account. Complete your profile and begin gifting! However, if you want to treat yourself then register separately as an “individual”, sign up utilizing a personal email address.

I want to send gift cards to my friends/family. How should I register?

Yes - if you are sending gift cards on your own, sign up as an individual.

I can’t find my unique pin. What do I do?

Make sure to check your spam folder for your welcome email from SoHookd. If you have any issues and still cannot find it, reach out to us at

Sending Gift Cards

How do I send a SoHookd Gift Card?

It’s simple! After you have registered for your SoHookd Marketplace account and verified your account, login at If you click the button in your welcome email, navigate to the home icon to view the Marketplace home or the three buttons on the upper righthand corner of your screen and click “Send Gift Cards”.

If you’re on the homepage, click on “Send Gift Cards” at the top. If you have not added your shipping or billing addresses, you will be prompted to add them. After adding and updating your addresses in your account, go back to SoHookd Marketplace and the Send Gift Cards page.

Choose your gift card design, add in the gifting details and choose the amount you would like to gift. If you would like to add more gift cards, click “I’m not finished! Keep shopping”. If you would like to proceed to checkout, click “I’m all set. Continue to checkout”

How do I complete my payment?

If you are within your checkout page, add a credit card under Billing Information. Click “save card” and proceed with checkout.

How do I know my gift card has been sent?

You will receive a confirmation email once your gift card has been sent.

Why can’t I send a gift card to myself?

Because gift cards are associated with specific email addresses, currently you are unable to send a gift card to the email address associated with your SoHookd account.

I’m listed as an admin. What can I do as an admin?

As an admin, you can send gift cards to the SoHookd Marketplace on your company’s behalf. In addition, using your own unique pin, you can treat yourself to a wealth of luxe wellness experiences, too.

Using the SoHookd Marketplace

How do I find hyper-local experiences near me?

To find stores near you, you can click on “View stores near you” and explore the pins found within the map if your geo-location is activated on your device.

You can also search by region by typing the below terms into the search bar (magnifying glass on top left-hand corner of browser) to find experiences within each area:

  • To Search for Boston Region: (BOS)

  • To Search for DC/MD/VA Region: (DMV)

  • To Search for New York City Region:  (NYC)

  • To Search for Nashville Region: (NSH)

  • To Search for Philadelphia Region:  (PHL)

We recommend choosing “US” to view national brands as well.

How do I filter rewards based on price?

To filter rewards based on price, move the toggles in the Price section of the left-hand navigation.

How do I add a credit card to my account?

To add a credit card to your account, click on the dropdown in the top right-hand corner of your screen and click “Dashboard”. You will be directed to your account where you can change your Payment Settings and add a credit card.

How can I identify which brand I am redeeming credits for?

If you’d like to identify/confirm the reward brand, go to Shop on the bottom menu bar and click on any reward. In the upper left corner of the reward photo is a location pin. Clicking on a location pin lists the locations where the reward is available. When you choose a location, Maps opens and you can confirm the brand and exact location of your reward.

I want to purchase an experience on the SoHookd Marketplace for myself. How do I do so?

To treat yourself, start at the Marketplace Homepage and click on “Treat Yourself”. You will be taken to the SoHookd Marketplace where you can discover the best wellness experiences.

Once you find something you like, click on the cart associated with that experience. You will be prompted to add the experience to your cart. If you’re finished shopping, click the cart in the top right-hand corner of your screen to proceed to Checkout.

What happens when I purchase an experience?

When you purchase an experience on the SoHookd Marketplace, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from SoHookd. The SoHookd team will reach out to you within 5 business days with all relevant details to your experience.


I’m having a tech issue. How do I reach out to the support team?

If you run into any tech issues, reach out to us at and note your technical issue in the subject line. We should be in touch within 24 hours.