Guide to Staying Well During the Holidays

We’ve all been there - it’s two weeks until you’re off for the holidays, and staying healthy just doesn’t seem worth it. It’s easy to think between all the parties, events, holiday festivities and gift-buying, how can anyone make time for their health before the calendar turns to 2019?

Well, we have the resource for you. We’ve partnered with 5 inspiring fitness and wellness thought leaders to bring you their top tips & tricks for staying well during this busy holiday season. Read about these quick & easy tips, get inspired and refocus on the most important asset you have - your health!

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Add in a Bit of Morning Movement 

Sarah Gaines | @sarahjgaines

Sarah Gaines is a global writer, speaker, teacher, and entrepreneur on a mission to people build the life they crave through fitness and mindfulness. Founder of the nationwide college fitness community, Fit University®, co-founder of the women's professional network, The Y Society, and ASICS Studio Trainer, she believes in the power of community, connection, empowerment, and positive energy. Find her on Instagram @sarahjgaines and check out her retreats around the Boston area!

“Since the holiday season is always jam packed with parties and travel, it can often be a challenge to take time for yourself. I find the best time to do this is first thing in the morning before the rest of the day (and it's people) get ahead of you. All you need is a few minutes. Here's how: before you get dressed and out the door, choose one song that you love (here's a personal favorite if you need a recommendation), press play, and start with three deep breaths in through your nose and out of your mouth. This is where you start to tune out the world and into your mind/body. Stretch your arms up towards the ceiling, bend side to side, start to move in a way that comes naturally to you. You can do some squats, some lunges, forward folds, swaying side to side, it doesn't matter what it looks like - the goal is to just move to loosen up the body - let it feel good! As the song comes to a close, take 3 more deep breaths. Then go about your day. Happy holidays and happy moving!”  



Ingrid | @theingnelson

Named D.C.’s best personal trainer by Washingtonian Magazine and one of Nike’s top personal trainers on the east coast, Ingrid definitely is an expert on staying well. Find her on Instagram @theingnelson and at

“Finding time for yourself and your meditation can be difficult over the holidays. Take 3 deep breathes before bed each night. Inhale gratitude, peace, positivity. Exhale any stressors, negativity or worry. Being present over this time of year is very rewarding, if you can get yourself there.” 


Rest, Recover, Repeat

Samantha Poccia | @wellbysamantha

Samantha is an inspiring wellness role model, teaching intelligent, heart-pumping classes at Equinox and SLT in Boston. She's also getting her graduate degree to become a Registered Dietitian from Simmons University! Follow her on Instagram or drop in to take one of her classes in Boston this holiday season.

“The holidays are the happiest season of all, right? Well for some the holidays mean running around buying presents, planning get together, attending parties, meeting end of the year deadlines, and more. Sound familiar? It's also the perfect season for taking some time to slow down for YOU. Plan downtime, put it in your calendar just like you would a meeting, and hold yourself accountable. It can be as simple as 10 minutes of meditation, a 15 minute walk, a yoga class or a high intensity workout to alleviate stress. Whatever helps you to rest and recover should be part of your daily routine!” 

Yoga Pose.jpg

Ground Your Energy

Catie | @catiemacken

Named Boston’s Best Fitness Guru by Improper Bostonian, Catie is a Yoga RYT 500 and an L2 AcroYoga Instructor. Learn more about Catie and her events all over Boston and the U.S. here or follow her on Instagram @catiemacken.

“Holiday travel, shopping, anxiety, events, and an excess of energetic output can leave you depleted and imbalanced.  Find a simple daily ritual that re-centers and grounds you in the present moment.  In yoga, forward bends are perfect to compliment the energy of the season.  Try paschimottanasana, seated forward bend, with slow breath cycles to clear an anxious mind.”  


Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast

Noah Gabriel-Landis | @prioritystrength

Noah began his fitness career in Washington, DC, where he owned and operated three gyms. He now is the owner and head coach at Priority:Strength, the home to more than 400+ exercise demos which are easy to find, to-the-point, and accessible right from your phone. Learn more about Priority:Strength at and follow him on Instagram @prioritystrength.

“You might think that going light or even skipping breakfast so you can justify some of the more indulgent meals and treats that come with the holidays is wise, but in truth this isn’t a great approach. Eating a protein-heavy breakfast is one of the best things you can do to curb your appetite and keep your energy on an even keel for the rest of the day (and not just during the holidays, either). Start the day right and you’ll likely find yourself less tempted to reach for that holiday cookie or help yourself to an extra serving of stuffing. My favorite is a few ounces of ground beef, a handful of almonds, a few cherry tomatoes, and a fried egg.”  


Incentivize Yourself

The SoHookd Team | @sohookd

SoHookd is a woman-owned, loyalty-based wellness platform. Awarded an Washington Business Journal ‘Innovative Company’ in 2017, SoHookd’s mission is to make it simple and fun to reward or gift the people you care about with healthy experiences that are good for the mind, body and soul. Learn more at

“It sometimes can be easier to meet your wellness goals when you have an incentive in mind. Set a goal for yourself between now and Dec. 31 - maybe it’s drinking 8 glasses of water a day or assuring you eat something green daily - and write it down. Put it in a spot you can see every day. Then set aside a fund for something to motivate you (whether it’s $5 or $50, it doesn’t matter!), and when you meet your goal, reward yourself with that experience. A great option? A wellness experience from the recently launched SoHookd Marketplace! The Marketplace gives you access to 100+ luxe wellness experiences for hyper-local and national brands (think the best boutique fitness classes, healthy meals and groceries, high-end spa services, and athletic apparel & shoes), which we think makes the perfect incentive to keep you on track during the holidays.”