Emerging Workplace Wellness Trends in 2019


Last week we dropped SoHookd’s Wellness Trends for 2019 (if you haven’t read it yet, check it out here!), and this week, we are digging into the trend nearest and dearest to us at SoHookd: workplace wellness. We have no doubt more and more companies will begin to understand the necessity of an employee wellness program due to studies like this and this and this. And to spare you from clicking all of those links (unless you get just as excited about wellness as we do and you’ve already opened, read and analyzed each one), let us recap - employee wellness programs are a big deal and are absolutely necessary to recruit talent, retain talent, survive and thrive.

In the coming year, employee wellness will continue to grow, and with it, a number of trends will take shape within the workplace.

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Personalization & Flexibility

Your CFO who has run 22 marathons (including one on every continent) likely has a different wellness perspective than your Marketing Director who swears by his yoga practice and daily meditation. You often overhear the Accounting team’s discussions on the best spin classes within walking distance from the office, and you know it’s lunchtime when the aromas from your in-house counsel’s beautifully-crafted, clean meals she brings to work daily begin wafting into your office. If this scenario is any indication, employees are individuals, and individuals are unique. So while offering a weekly led meditation at your office is a great idea, it may not speak to everyone.

In 2019, companies will continue to grasp this and will begin to diversify their wellness programs, trending towards personalization and flexibility. Many companies offer multiple wellness programs or incentives, and a survey reported by Employee Benefits Network suggests 7-8 may be the sweet spot: 53% of their survey respondents said they would recommend their employer if it provided seven to eight wellness programs. Those with four to six programs were only 30% as likely to recommend their company, and those offering one to four programs and none received 24% and 18% respectively. Offering personalization within a corporate wellness program can bring in individuals from all backgrounds and wellness ‘experience’ and show them their employer truly cares about their personal, unique wellness journey.

One Stop Wellness Shops

As we wrote last week, wellness is no longer reserved solely for the gym and your organic grocery. Buildings, particularly corporate offices, have realized the importance of wellness to Millennials and Gen Z, especially as millennials are spending more money on wellness than any other generation. Outside of a wellness program, incentives within a physical office space like gyms and fitness classes on-site, led meditations or meditation pods, on-site spas, massages and healthy snacks drive interest in young talent, and given the buzz, can be the tipping point between an offer or a decline.  

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Self Care

In this always-connected age, it can seem nearly impossible to fully disconnect. Apple named 2018’s trend of the year “Self Care”, and we’d agree it was a big year for self care on an individual basis. This year, this will undoubtedly continue but will begin to seep into the places we spend our 40+ hours a week: the office.

With notifications always on, it’s easy for employees to fall into a routine of constantly jumping at every slack and email ping, and with this behavior, an employee never turns off to recharge. Companies who truly care about the wellbeing of their employees will start to grasp the importance of self care for them to minimize burnout and keep their workforce functioning as employees - and more importantly, as individuals. And it makes sense from a business perspective: “The cost of absenteeism and turnover is enormous in most organizations,” Jim Harter, Ph.D., the chief scientist of workplace management and well-being for Gallup said in this CNBC article.

Employers will form clear boundaries for the workday and workweek and will encourage employees take advantage of self care tactics like meditation, clear boundaries for work, and taking advantage of vacation and personal days.

If you’re not sure how to take the first step in starting or expanding your wellness programming at work, SoHookd can help your company find success. SoHookd has a number of platforms your company can use to drive loyalty from your employees, customers and clients. Review SoHookd’s product offerings.

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