National Nutrition Month Feature: Melissa from Foublie!

During the month of March, we’re celebrating National Nutrition Month with experts in this field. We’re joined by Melissa Antal of Foublie on how to nourish your family. Take it away, Melissa!


Hello! Melissa Antal here, I’m the CEO of Foublie. Foublie is your go-to on child nutrition. My co-founder Dr. Maria Rivera and I are on a mission to make it easier for you to feed your kids. Haven’t heard about us? We have awesome resources including Registered Dietitian coaches! Check those out here, or get some kiddo- feeding Insta-spiration here.

Now onto the good stuff: I think about food a lot. But it’s never really about just food, is it? Nourishing your family is emotional, practical, and sometimes confusing. Here’s how I do it.


  • Give yourself a break. No one is perfect and trying to be perfect does more harm than good! Need some tricks to make things easier? Here are some of my evidence-based favorites to make food a bit easier, safer and healthier.

  • There are no good foods or bad foods. My mom used to say everything in moderation and once again she was right. There is some research suggesting that if a parent restricts certain foods, kids want those foods more. Anecdotally, that feels pretty right!

  • Do what relaxes you. I love to chop veggies and make a soup. Soup’s great because it is really hard to screw up and even veggies that are almost too ripe to eat raw work. I include turkey sausage and a parmesan rind to the base with carrots, celery and onions. It is bound to be delicious!


  • Eat breakfast. In kids we know breakfast has a positive impact on performance in school. Adults should eat breakfast too! You can eat whatever makes you happy. Some of my favorite grab-and-go options are hummus and pretzels or yogurt.

  • Make vegetables tasty. Please! Vegetables are delicious and if you disagree please heed this advice. You can sauté them in butter or roast them with olive oil.

  • Be respectful for families with food allergies. Did you know food allergies are on the rise? We all want our kids to be included. One in three kids with a food allergy is bullied because of it so please be kind to other parents and make an effort here.  


  • Eat with the people you love. When times get busy, I like to combine a catch up with a meal. Even when scheduling feels impossible, it is always worth the effort. Skype or FaceTime calls work too!

  • Eat to remember the good times and the good people. I love whipping up a batch of cookies. They remind me of happy times when I was little. The smell, taste and experience are all memories that make my soul feel whole.

  • Stop to eat. Set down your phone, stop multitasking and tune into you. I realize this is a luxury. But we do know that attentive eating can help you eat better. Plus, when else do you get the attention of your family! Take advantage of it when you can. :)

Bottomline: Do what fits your situation and what feels right for you! Want to share your own family food story with Foublie? Get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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