National Nutrition Month Feature: Violaine Orban from Goûter!

Each week, we’ll be featuring an individual living a healthy lifestyle in honor of National Nutrition Month. They will be sharing profound thoughts, tips and quips to maintaining your health in every season of life.

Today we’re joined by Violaine Orban, founder of Goûter. You can follow all things Goûter at @heygouter and find delicious Goûter products at locations around the District. You can also purchase her products at the SoHookd Marketplace online!

Take it away, Violaine!


Goûter started back in 2011 when I had emergency surgery from a ruptured ulcer.  I became determined to use my diet as an agent for change instead of taking a lifelong prescription of antacids. Living a very on-the-go lifestyle, I set out to create a grab & go beverage to nourish and energize me throughout the day. So was born this functional superfuel, which I swear by to this day.  My hope in starting this company was, and continues to be, to inspire you to live a balanced life by getting active, staying hydrated and rethinking what fuels you.


You care about how you dress. You care about what your body looks like. You care about doing your hair, makeup and nails. But do you care about what you're putting into your body and how you're fueling it? Do you ever stop and think about what your insides look like? If your insides could talk, what would they say?

"Sleep more. Lay off processed foods and alcohol. Drink more water. Stress less."

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly putting our bodies through stress due to the go-go-go lifestyle many of us lead. One potential stressor on the body is what we're putting in it. If we are grazing all day and mindlessly eating foods that don't make us feel our best, the body is going to be put under stress by having to break those foods down without receiving the nutrients it needs. That's why resetting our digestive systems by cleansing, intermittent fasting, or eating lighter are great ways to give your body a break. It's not about being perfect, it's about being aware how our bodies are feeling and giving it a reset when we're feeling tired, sluggish, foggy or out of sorts. Just like the brain can't function optimally if we were to never sleep, the digestive system can't function optimally if we don't give it a rest from time to time.

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