What's New with SoHookd

SoHookd would love to provide a mini-update of what we’ve been up to the past few months. This summer, SoHookd was selected as one of only 13 companies (from over 300 that applied) to be a part of the 2018 Jumpstart Portfolio Class!


Jumpstart Foundry (JSF) is a premiere seed-stage healthcare innovation fund that believes in the future of healthcare technology. 90 days into the 18-month long accelerator, we’ve already experienced impact:


  • Being able to easily tap into an amazing community of founders, advisors, mentors, influencers, investors and collaborators who can provide on-the spot feedback and guidance has been invaluable.  For example, with help from marketing professionals in Jumpstart's community, we adjusted how we tell our story and how we position ourselves in the market. Previously, we described ourselves as a corporate wellness program. We now describe ourselves as a loyalty platform that offers users wellness based rewards. Repositioning allows us to better highlight the uniqueness, soul and long-term vision of SoHookd.


  • We all know, a little love from your friends goes a long way.  Being endorsed by Jumpstart Foundry garners respect, especially given JSF is at the epicenter of Nashville’s thriving startup ecosystem. This recognition has allowed SoHookd to continue to draw in additional early adopters.


  • JSF has helped to fuel our growth by being the ultimate connector from customers and channel partners to investors and influencers -- allowing us to grow our customer base, develop partnerships with key players in the healthcare industry, and enhance our access to capital.

health further logo new.png

One of the biggest perks of JSF is getting the backstage pass to Health:Further Festival (presented by HCA Healthcare).  Heath:Further is "a community of doers and thinkers dedicated to building the future of health". In August, SoHookd joined "a gathering of people who believe they can make healthcare better, together".  

Among the highlights was hearing Speaker Jess Baron, Editor-in-Chief,  livestrong.com who said:

"Wellness is the new religion among American women."

BJ 1.jpeg
BJ 2.jpg

B.J. Wiley Williams, Founder & CEO of SoHookd, at Health:Further 2018.
Left: Participating on a panel for an Investor Luncheon. 
Right: Exhibiting at "Entrepreneur's Alley".

We will continue to partner with great organizations as we build and grow our company. If you work at, or know of, an organization that values and wants to engage its customers, members or talent, contact us to book your demo today!

I am extremely grateful for this community and I look forward to keeping you updated on our journey!

Until then, be well!

B.J. Wiley Williams, CEO & Founder